Raw, Organic Stevia Powder - 8 oz

Stevia Powder
Stevia Powder
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Sirova no longer sells this product. You can now purchase it from The Raw Food World, the best and largest supplier of raw foods on the Internet. They also ship to Canada!

Natural Stevia Powder

A native herb to Paraguay, Stevia leaves have been used as a natural sweetener for centuries. Stevia naturally contains glycosides: an element that tastes sweet to the tongue, but contains no sugars, calories, or carbohydrates. Amazingly, studies have shown stevia to taste 30 times sweeter than sugar, yet this supplement has no effect on insulin levels, while also aiding the pancreas and supporting digestion.

Navitas Naturals offers this natural herb in a traditional unprocessed powder form, just as indigenous cultures have used for centuries to sweeten their teas, drinks, and recipes.

Source and Processing

Navitas Naturals Stevia is made from the whole leaves of the stevia herb. Once the leaves are collected, they are dried and milled into a fine powder at low temperatures to protect the nutrients of the plant. Our Stevia is 100% organic, vegan, kosher, gluten-free and raw.

According to Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD, in his book "Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine" (2003), "Stevia is a great sweetener alternative. Recent research indicates that it does not raise blood sugar levels. (...) Unrefined stevia is dark green in color."

According to raw athlete Brendan Brazier in his book Thrive (2007), "An excellent alternative to manufactured artificial sweeteners, stevia leaf is a whole food, just dried and ground into powder. I add it to many of my foods. Its ability to help regular blood sugar levels is important for sustained energy. I even add stevia to my sport drink to improve its effectiveness."

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