What Is Sirova?

The word "Sirova" is the Czech word for "Raw." Sirova exists to promote the benefits of the raw food diet, help people lose weight, and feel better. Sirova's sustainable practices also make it a leader in greening the specialty foods industry.

Sirova was founded in Ames, IA, in 2009 by raw food researcher Joanna Steven, microbiologist Kori Radke, and Matthew Steven.

Sirova's people are really serious about providing you well priced, safe, and fresh raw food products.

Joanna Steven

Joanna Steven dreamed up Sirova after reading about the principles of Attachment Parenting. She felt that selling affordable and high quality raw foods would allow her to care for her family while sharing her passion for raw foods with others.

Joanna was born in France, where she lived for 10 years before moving to Lebanon and then the US. She currently resides in Ames, Iowa.

She is a graduate from the Rene Descartes Law School of Paris (France), and holds a BS in Psychology from Iowa State University. She is currently working a Masters in Psychology as well as a Clinical Nutrition degree.

She is the co-author with Tonya Kay of the first ever raw vegan nutritional analysis eBooks, available on this site and at Kayos Market. She writes for the raw food publication Get Fresh! and the Raw Divas and Raw Mom websites. She is also a Nutritional Magnesium member.

She enjoys learning about the raw vegan diet, and "cooking" raw delicacies. She shares the majority of her time between growing Sirova, caring for her husband and her furry feline and canine children, and getting ready to augment her family with more children, human this time!

Kori Radke

Kori Radke and Joanna Steven met through their local food co-op and discovered that they both had a mutual passion for raw food. It was this chance meeting, the love of raw food and the lack of quality organic raw food that prompted them to start Sirova.

Ms. Radke grew up on a farm in Western Canada, receiving her degree in biology from the University of Calgary.   For the last twenty five years she has been investigating and directing research into the mechanisms of cancer, biosensors and point-of-care diagnostic applications. She has numerous publications in many prestigious journals.
Ms. Radke has worked in academia and private industries around the world and is committed to the benefits of a vegan raw lifestyle. She lives with her husband, two daughters, three dogs, three cats, two guinea pigs and one horse, Dudley.
She is currently developing new recipes, writing nutritional articles and reviewing books about the vegan/raw lifestyle on her blog, korirunsdogs.com.

Matthew Steven

Matthew is a co-founder, as well as the web site developer and business logic architect for Sirova.com.

Matthew has been involved in promoting ecologically sound products since 1996, when he was one of the first online suppliers of hemp fiber based fabrics, clothing, and jewelry products.

Over the years he has concentrated more and more on providing webmastery, web hosting, marketing strategies, and related services to retailers in a wide variety of fields through his company, GeniusWeb LLC, where you can find out more.